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We have arrived at the end of summer in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire, and what a summer. Record breaking heat, but the shade of the Forest of Dean, and the cool of the River Wye, was so refreshing. So lucky to have this on our doorstep.
A few photos of summer 2018 in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire
Cooling evening on the River Wye. A glorious part of Herefordshire/Gloucestershire as it meanders down to the Severn Estuary. I hope the photos portray the calmness this part of the world offers.

The heat has is on in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. Record heat has made for trying times for the garden, here at Lea House. Guests comfort has been enhanced by installing fans in all rooms. Has been a great benefit. The countryside is stunning, and we have taken a swim in the River Wye, which flows through Herefordshire. Truly blessed to live here.

Well since i last wrote, we had experienced one of the snowiest winters in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. It made for some great photo opportunities. It was beautiful. Now as we near summer, the area has come alive with spring colour. The bluebells in the Forest of Dean were amazing.We have all our fruit and veg planted up in our garden. The plants love the rich Herefordshire/Gloucestershire soil. As the nights start getting longer, it is lovely having evening walks. Here are some of our recent walks.
Well what a few weeks it has been weatherwise in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. The so called beast from the east paid us a visit, and dumped a foot of snow on us! I will let the photos paint the picture of Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean in the snow
There is always something special about spending Christmas in a 400 year old house in Herefordshire. So magical. We had heavy snow here in the lead up to Christmas, but in the end it was mild on the big day, and new year. We have been so busy redecorating, and The Hayloft looks amazing. Pics to follow. In the meantime, enjoy the snow pics from the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean area. Happy New Year!
Autumn is well and truly here in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. The autumn colours have been amazing, especially in the Forest of Dean. The first frosts have been, and the garden has now closed down for the winter. But we are already planning things in the garden for next year. Next update, Christmas......
I write this on a windy evening, and thinking of the summer we have had here in Herefordshire/Gloucetershire/Forestof Dean. We have had a busy summer, with some wonderful guests, coming to enjoy what Herefordshire/Gloucestershire has to offer. The main thing guests seem to enjoy more than anything, is the stunning countryside, whatever the weather. It makes us so proud to show off what the area has to offer, and sharing their experiences. Many have remarked on our stunning garden. More plants are being added all the time, to crate interest and colour in our garden, all year.Plants love the rich Herefordshire/Gloucestershire soil.
Nearing the end of June, and the visitors to Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean , is in full swing. The weather has been kind, and shows how green the county of Herefordshire/Gloucestershire is. Our garden is growing well, with mange tout and garlic being harvested , with more to follow. With a abundance of flowers, there is plenty to keep us busy
Summer is here,and Lea House garden looks great. All the plants love the rich Herefordshire/Gloucestershire soil. As well as flowers and plants, we have growing 2 types of potato , 4 varieties of onion, and strawberries coming from everywhere! Summer in this part of Herefordshire is wonderful, as our guests will testify.