Lea House

- Bed and Breakfast in Herefordshire-

Summertime and the holiday season is here. We have received guests so far from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, America, and most of western Europe. It is fantastic meeting so many different cultures, who come to Herefordshire/Gloucestershire to explore. And great to hear so many great stories of how they have spent their day. Many do not want to leave.
We can testify to the stunning beauty of this part of England, when we take our dogs for walks.Once we have completed getting on top of our move, Andy will be taking photos with his Nikon D7100, and display them on this site.The dogs sleep very well now after daily fresh air!
The vegetable patch is now starting to bear fruit, with the arrival of our first courgette, and have already been made and served, as fritters, for our veg breakfast option. Yum!