Lea House

- Bed and Breakfast in Herefordshire-

Following a relatively mild winter,spring seems to be making its way to Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. In the garden things are starting to stir. The daffodils are out, blossoms starting to appear on the shrubs, and we have planted some veg, in the rich Herefordshire soil. Sunflowers in the greenhouse, along with the sweet peas. Our resident tortoises have woken up, though very sluggish. Out and about, we have been enjoying the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean area. It is so beautiful here and there always something to see, such as my first experience of wild deer up close. We just stood and stared at each other, before they ran off back to the undergrowth. We have been busy with guests going to Cheltenham Festival. Whilst here they could not stop talking about the beauty of Herefordshire/Gloucestershire, and will return to explore more.