Lea House

- Bed and Breakfast in Herefordshire-

It has been a while since writing. Autumn has been and gone. Has been very mild in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire area.Though that is changing now, as Jack Frost is making an appearance this evening. Looking forward to the colder weather. Will give me chance to do some macro photography, which i will post on this site, and more of an opportunity to light our log burners. All our guests who have settled down in front of the log burner, have loved it. well worth purchasing.The fire made the house even more festive over the Christmas period. The festive season was excellent in the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire area, with Christmas markets, which were well attended, and excellent.
2016 and we are preparing for the new season. Though we are open 365 days.Spot of decorating and keeping on top of our wonderful garden. Spring bulbs are showing through, but will get a shock weatherwise in the next few days. Busy planning what vegetables to grow for us and our guests. Growing plants in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire, is that it is perfect growing area, with great soil.