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Access Statement For LEA HOUSE


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home-based 3-bedroom bed and breakfast although this 16th century building is not suitable for wheelchair users. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.


  • There are bus stops approx 75 metres away with services from Gloucester and Ross-on-Wye.
  • The nearest main line station is in Gloucester, about 12 miles away.
  • Ross-on-Wye is 4 miles away and provides shop-mobility, as does Gloucester.
  • Our website has 360o pictures of all our rooms, which are named. It also has a video showing some features of the property.
  • You can contact us by telephone, email or fax - see below for contact details
  • We can provide paperwork, including confirmations, breakfast menus, guest information printed in a large font, black on yellow.
Local Bus number: 0870 608 2608
Local Train number: 0845 748 495
Local accessible taxi number: 01989 566246
Local Tourist Information Centre: 01989 562768

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • We have a gravelled parking area inside inward opening 5-bar gates. There are 4 spaces, each allowing easy side and rear access to the car.
  • All spaces are no more than 12 metres from the front door but there are 2 x 9cm stone steps down, 74cm apart leading to a paved surface.
  • We can assist with luggage if requested.
  • The parking area and garden are floodlit at night.
  • Dogs are welcome, by arrangement.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • There is a doormat outside the front door and an 8cm step into our hall.
  • Our side opening door opens to 70cm wide. There is also a doormat inside.
  • The hall is 220cm x 195cm with a 194cm opening (no door) into the dining and sitting area and a 70cm wide opening door to the rest of the house.
  • The floor is wood laminate.
  • There is a registration table (77cm high) and black Arial 16pt font on yellow paper registration forms available on request.
  • There is a pad of paper and pen available on request.
  • There is a hand bell to ring for attention.
  • We greet guests, show them to their rooms and explain the facilities and local things of interest.

Hallways, Stairs and Corridors

  • From the entrance hall, through the door the flooring is fitted with short pile carpet which continues up the stairs and in the upper corridors.
  • There is one 15cm step down and then 2m 35cm to the base of the staircase. The first step is 7cm high x 27cm deep and then 9 regular steps to an 88cm x 92cm half landing.
  • There is a left-hand handrail 1m high.
  • Turn right up 3 more regular steps with a right-hand hand rail then along the corridor to the Hayloft.
  • Or, turn left up 3 curving steps and along a corridor to the Granary and Cider Room.
  • All regular steps are 20cm riser, 24cm deep.
  • The stairway is 82cm wide.
  • The communal areas are painted pale yellow with mahogany/pine doors.
  • Entrances into all bedrooms are on a level with the corridor.
  • LED lights provide all day and night low level illumination in the upstairs corridors.

Public Areas - WC

  • Guest bedrooms have their own en suite or private bathroom.
  • There is one downstairs WC in the owner's scullery which can be used in emergencies. It would be reached from the outside area. There is a 14cm and a 6cm step down from the outside path. The floors inside are wood laminate.

Dining Room

  • Breakfast (and dinner if ordered) is served in the dining end of the dining/sitting room.
  • There is an 8cm step down, marked by yellow chevrons, from the carpeted sitting area into the wooden-floored dining area.
  • Guests eat at a refrectory table with 71cm underspace and the chairs can be moved to suit.
  • Menus in Arial 16pt font printed black on yellow can be provided.
  • All types of special diets can be catered for with prior notice, including vegan, vegetarian and all allergies.


  • By special request, the owner will service laundry.


  • There is a village store, with a very extensive stock, located 75 metres away.


  • All 3 bedrooms are on the first floor.
  • They have short pile fitted carpet.
  • Each has one armchair and a long mirror.
  • Each has television with remote controls. One with teletext can be provided on request.
  • Each has a hand bell and a sign inviting guests to ring for assistance.
  • Each room has a torch which can be floor standing to provide emergency light.
  • Each has a hospitality tray with cordless kettle.
  • Non feather pillows can be provided on request.
  • Non feather duvets in Cider & Granary rooms. In Hayloft on request.
  • The Hayloft has a 5' wide bed with plenty of access either side. It also has a sofa which pulls out as a 4' wide bed at floor level. There is also a 2'6" wide foldaway suitable for a child.
  • The Granary has 2 x 3' wide single beds which can be zipped together to make a 6' wide double. There is reasonable access to the beds when they are singles.
  • The Cider Room has 2 x 3' wide single beds with good access from both sides.

Bathrooms En Suite & Private

  • All bathrooms have vinyl flooring.
  • All bathrooms have pedestal washbasins and a toilet.
  • All bathrooms have non-slip rubber mats for bath/shower.
  • The Hayloft bathroom is en suite with a shower. It has a 6cm step down into it and a 33cm step into the shower stall.
  • The Granary bathroom is en suite with an electric-pumped shower. It has a 29cm step into the shower stall.
  • The Cider bathroom is private and it is 1 metre from the Cider Room door. It has a bath, with a 55cm edge to step over. The electric-pumped shower is also in the bath. There is a sitting stool.


  • We have a walled garden which guests can use. It is mainly to lawn with 2 seating areas.
  • One is a pagoda-style, roofed, with wooden seating around a round wooden table reached from a flat lawn.
  • The other is a raised paved area, reached from the lawn, up a small grassy slope and one 10cm step. This has two wide, cushioned easy chairs.
  • The garden is floodlit in the evening.

Additional Information

  • Your host has completed a Welcome All course.
  • There is a no smoking policy throughout the premises.
  • We do not play background music in any area of the b&b.
  • All dogs are allowed in the guest bedrooms, provided their own beds are brought. We prefer they are fed outside.
  • Wi-Fi is available in all parts of the house.
  • All mobile networks are available in most parts of the house.
  • Medications can be stored in the owner's fridge, on request.
  • Service dogs are allowed in the dining and sitting areas.
  • 23W Low energy lamps (110w equivalent) can be supplied to any bedroom on request.
  • In case of fire, escape routes are described in the Bedroom Guest Information folders. Radio linked fire alarms are in all bedrooms and corridors, and we will personally alert residents if evacuation is necessary.

Contact Information

  • Address: Lea House
    HR9 7JZ
  • Telephone: 01989 750652
    mobile: 07810 200 594
  • Fax: 01989 750652
  • Email: enquiries@leahouse.co.uk
  • Website: www.leahouse.co.uk
We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve.
If you have any comments please phone 01989 750652 or email enquiries@leahouse.co.uk.

Created on: 11/06/2008

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